With OrderDroid you have basically a laptop in the palm of your hand.


~Take Orders At The Show

~Transmit Them Immediately or Later Back To Your Office

~Check Your Email

~Log Into Your Office System And Look At Customer History

~Use Skype To Call Customers

The Possibilities Are Absolutely Endless!


OrderDroid offers the latest in technology.


OrderDroid works with Golden Accounting, allowing the user to take orders at a tradeshow, and then transmit them back to your home office. OrderDroid can also print to a wireless printer, allowing for freedom to print anywhere in your booth.


OrderDroid also allows you to add customers on the fly!


OrderDroid saves time and money!


OrderDroid means larger orders. Why? Because if you are hand writing orders, when you get to the bottom of the page, the buyer "thinks" they have ordered enough! With OrderDroid, you just keep on scanning!

Forgot the Laptop at Home

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