GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM is a full-featured accounting suite for the small to medium sized enterprise. It is designed to fulfill the accounting needs of companies that have outgrown entry-level accounting systems or have specialized business needs.


The software features a highly intuitive interface that is both easy to learn and use. Built specifically with expanding business requirements, the package can be easily customized through the availability of the product's source code.


GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM makes your data readily accessible at all times. With a wide variety of options, reports, functions and controls, GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM is not only a premier accounting tool, but also the software you need to keep your business running well into the future.


Full data integrity is paramount, and GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM provides transaction processing to protect data. A history of all transactions and functions that have occurred from the moment the system is first implemented is also maintained. Management will never need worry about the inability to find or report on prior transactions or history.


The GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM product suite contains five core accounting modules: Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Sales Order Invoicing, System Manager. In addition we offer additional accounting module package containing 4 modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Bank Reconciliation. GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM also has a dynamic Sales Management Package containing the following modules: Contact Management, Data Exchange, and Message Manager. And for those who need sophisticated financial reporting we offer an Advanced Financial Package.


GOLDEN ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TM ships based on the number of users who use the product simultaneously


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